how to put photo on home screen in gb whatsapp

How to set photos on home screen of GB WhatsApp In today’s post you are going to know, you can also put photos on home screen to put photo on gb whatsapp

If you want to install a new feature on GB WhatsApp, then follow us, we also have a YouTube channel on which you can go and learn by the name of 3g perfect, so let us tell you how to go home on GB WhatsApp.If you want to understand how to put a photo on the home screen, for this, if you want to understand through the video, then we have also made a video, you can go and learn by watching it, so now let’s talk about how to put it on your WhatsApp. You have to first go to Google and search GB WhatsApp apk file download, then you have to open the page which will be open in front of you, see where there will be a download option, you have to download it.After downloading, you have to fill the personal details, then the option of chat will be made in the right side, click on it.

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