How to make money fast as a student?

From now on all of you people can also earn money online and those who are students also have a big chance to earn money, so let’s talk about how all of you people can earn money, then almost all the people in this world are online only. Like YouTube blogging and there are many such platforms through which you can earn money, so I am going to tell you from what you earn, then my only platform is blogging.

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Remember you have to install WordPress only WordPress is a very good platform and everyone uses it.After this you will get an admin panel from which you can operate everything from the admin panel and you will also have to apply a theme, you can start a blog website by customizing that theme.

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1 requirement

So to start a blog, you need to have some things such as domain name and hosting, if you do not have, then you can buy domain hosting by visiting Hostinger’s website. Or you can go to any other web hosting platform and buy domain and hosting so that your blog can be started, after buying web hosting, you will have to customize your website.And you can also apply free theme of WordPress. To apply free theme, you must have theme, you have to go to WordPress WP Admin Panel, then go to Appearance and go to Theme. Then install the one you like and activate it

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