How to get Google to index my post faster

If you do not know how to index your post quickly in Google, then today you will know that I am going to tell you how to index your post quickly. To index your post in Google, you have to go to Google Search Console. First of all you have to submit site map xml in google search console then you have to post unique article on your site, write content well when your content is ready So you go to Google Search Console and submit the link of the post, if you do not know, then I am going to tell you step by step. read full below

How to submit your site to Google Search Console

First of all, you have to open the Google Search Console website, then you will paste the URL link of your website and you have to do all these steps correctly, then everything will be correct.

Now you will get a tag, which you will enter the tag in your WordPress, only then your ownership will be verified, to complete it, you will see some options there, one of them will be with the name of the tag.After clicking on it, you will get a code there, you have to copy it, after copying, go to your WordPress from where you install the plugin etc.

You have to click on the Appearance here and click on the Theme File Editor, after the new page opens, you have to look in the right, you will see the option by the name of Header PHP, click on it

Now here you have to paste the o code that you copied the tag from Google search console, the same code will have to be pasted here under the head section Only then your ownership will be verified in Google Search Console

1. Google search Console
2. Index your site
3.rank the post in google
4. Bring Posts to Discover

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