How to earn money from YouTube channel

How to earn money from Youtube In today’s post, know that how to earn money in real There are many people on YouTube who earn money from YouTube and earning is also a lot. Only you should have a passion that if I earn money then I will earn there are many platforms to earn money online like you can earn money by making a website. There are many types of marketing such as affiliate marketing, referral marketing email marketing, there are many such types of marketing, so that you can earn not only money but a lot of money.


Yes, we were talking about how to earn money from YouTube, then to earn money from YouTube, you have to create a channel first, before creating a YouTube channel, you have to remember one thing.On which topic you are making a channel, what is your category, what type of content do you want to put on your YouTube channel, it is very important to decide this thing and also the name of a channel Keeping it is also very important, after that you also have to customize your channel, make your own logo.and make back cover photo

rules and regulations

  • You Must Have Your Own Content
  • You can’t upload someone else’s content
  • If you put other’s content then copyright strike can also come.
    4.If copyright strike exceeds 3 then your channel may get deleted.

When all this is completed for you, then you have to take care of your content, what type of content to create, which is related to your category. Then you have to make a video and upload it to YouTube, it is also necessary to monetize your YouTube channel, only then you will be able to earn money from YouTube.

If you are working on blog and have any problem then you can watch this video

how to monetize youtube channel

To monetize youtube channel, there are some tasks which have to be completed, first you have to have 1000 subscribers and second is to have 4000 hours watch time, only then you can monetize your youtube channel.will you be able to

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