How to Change the Appearance of a Feature Image in Images with PixelLab

How to change the size of the feature image, what is the image size, today I will tell you what is the right way and how to create a feature image, you will get complete information in this post. If you are a WordPress user, then definitely see this post, if you do not read this post, then you are going to miss a lot, friends, do not miss and know the information. So let’s talk about what you want to make, there are many platforms in the market and also apps from which you can create feature images, we will talk about Pixellab.

1 Create Feature Images with PixelLab

Pixelb is an application that allows you to create many types of images and give them different sizes.You will find pixellab on play store, from there you can download a normal image from pixellab whose size is 1200x628px and you can also make the same size.


. pixellab
. Create feature images
. Feature image size 1200x628px
. Professional image by pixellab
. you can use pixellab for free

Pixellab is free and talking about its rating, it has 4.3 star rating, more than 50 million downloads, you can use it no problem

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