how does instagram bonus work

How Instagram Bonus Works Instagram is a social platform where people earn money even by making videos and earn money in many ways like promoting posts and advertising on Instagram.And there are many benefits of Instagram like now even Reel Bonus of Instagram has also been launched, there is a chance to win Reel Bonus every month.

how does instagram bonus work

how does instagram bonus work। Reels bonus work

Instagram reels bonus gives on the performance of reel like you have less followers on instagram yet you have got good performance on your reel video then you will be considered eligible for bonus and you will get bonus.

Instagram reels Bonus had already been launched in America and in developed countries and this Instagram reels bonus has just been launched in India, that’s why Instagram reels bonus is in a lot of trade.People who were not working on Instagram have also started uploading reels on Instagram, many Instagram creators in India have got the benefit of bonus.

how does instagram bonus work reels bonus

What is Instagram reels play bonus eligibility?
Your reel must be original must be good quality reel
Your reel should not be of any branded content
You should have your own reel and no copy reel
Your reel must not violate any policies
Your Reel Instagram policy should be built keeping in mind

When does Instagram give payout

Instagram reels play The bonus will be available around the 21st of every month, all of your reels will be credited to your account, you will have to add your account to receive the reel that money comes to the same account

When your content is good then only you will get good performance on your content and then you will get your reels play bonus then to get that bonus you will have to wait till 21st date when 21th date will come Only then money will come in your account.

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